Monday, April 22, 2013

April 21, 2013 ~ Of Peeps and Pirates

Ever hosted an outdoor party... for kids? Ever done it in the pouring down rain? Now, I can say that I have.

I hosted a Peeps Roast for the neighborhood kids. It seemed like a great idea at the time. We have a fire dish and roasting sticks. The kids come over with their leftover Easter candy and voile! Instant awesomeness.

Well, that was the plan. Mother Nature intervened.

I never cancel a party sooner than 24 hours out. And 24 hours out the forecast was for a potential squall line to blow through town. But the timing was iffy, so I made the call to keep the party on and hope that the front would come on the earlier or later side.

The party started at 7 and so did the storm.

This was my "make it work" moment.

Daddy ruled out the fireplace or the kitchen stove. What to do? Fetch the camp stove. So, a bunch of families with little kids huddled on our covered porch around the camp stove on our coffee table and roasted peeps.

And in the end, the weather made it a different kind of fun. We had a great time, got the kids all wound up on burnt sugar and sent them out to run in the rain on a warm spring evening.


Springtime means that a favorite part of my city gets invaded by pirates. Who doesn't love pirates?

"Hey Billy, do you want to go see the pirates and the ships?"
"And the barmaids?"
"How do you know that word???"
"Because I like barmaids!"

Yes, that's a real conversation from this weekend. He doesn't know what a barmaid is. We still have no idea what he meant.

He also told us about the "apocalypse bus". Apparently, the four horsemen have traded in their trusty steeds for the more modern conveyance of the public bus. He was trying to say "public".

And then there's "shiver me neighbors!" We could NOT get him to say "timbers". Nope. He decided the appropriate pirate phrase included our neighbors. Argh!

On the way, and ready for pirates!

Checking out the parrots

The Pride of Baltimore II
He was absolutely terrified of the pirates. TERRIFIED. He was scared of the parrots, too. We tried to get him to pet one, but the best we could do was having the little blue one sit on Daddy's arm. Of course, he loved the ships. He really wanted to board them, but they had just closed for the day so they could prepare for battle.

"Mommy, pirates don't say 'argh.' Non of pirates said 'argh' today."

True, but they do say "argh!" But not when you tell them to "shiver me neighbors."


This is our new backyard (revamped, I should say) on a chilly Sunday morning:

The cold weather this week yielded our first crop- broccoli, which we enjoyed with some friends for dinner.

Daddy and Billy spent the morning laying new sod.

He was very excited about digging for worms- gloves required. He's still scared of touching bugs (and birds and pirates).

We ended the weekend with another Peeps Roast with Cub, this time over a grill. The boys got hyped up on marshmallows and then ran it off in Cub's back yard in the dark, despite the chilly air.

Peeps, then pirates, then Peeps. It was a busy weekend.

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