Friday, January 11, 2013

January 10, 2013 ~ The Pee Game

Won't you play the Pee Game with me?

Here's how it goes:

Your parents dress you up all nice and cute to take you out to dinner with family. You notice that they forgot to bring the diaper bag. Bingo! Time to do your worst.

First, sucker the adults into ordering a huge glass of milk. Try and make sure the amount of milk exceeds the size of your bladder. It's even easier to sucker the adults if Mommy is running late and isn't there yet.

Drink the entire glass all at once.

Then pee all over yourself!

This ensures that they are stuck without clothes and still having to pay for the drinks.

Act uncomfortable so they feel guilty. Daddy will surely run across the street and buy you some new clothes so that everyone can eat their dinner in peace and harmony.

Luckily for you, you're full from the milk so you won't have to worry about eating your dinner. This will give you plenty of time to run amok all over the restaurant in pee-soaked clothes waiting for Daddy to come back with $50 worth of a new outfit.

Then, Daddy will show up and change you. Don't be alarmed!

When you get back to the table ask for water. Then ask Mommy to take you to the potty. The water will not have worked any magic yet so you'll be empty. That's where you fool them.

In no time you will will need to pee. Wait until dessert is ordered and let fly.

This is how you win the Pee Game!

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