Wednesday, December 19, 2012

December 18, 2012 ~ Poor Charlie Brown

I let Billy stay up to watch A Charlie Brown Christmas.

He wasn't getting it. There's a lot of dialogue and it's over his head, so I was explaining about how Charlie Brown is sad and can't find the Christmas Spirit. "Poor Charlie Brown."

So after that, any time Charlie Brown came on the screen Billy said "poor Charlie Brown."

Then Charlie Brown became the director of the school play. Billy felt this meant that he needed to fetch his camping chair, which actually is not far off from looking like a director's chair, especially a cartoon chair. He sat in his chair in front of the tv to watch about Charlie Brown.

During a commercial break he took an interlude to stand on his stool and sing "Animal Crackers in my Shoe!" just like Shirley Temple, mimicking her hand movements and everything. And yes, I know it's soup, but he thinks it's shoe. He even mimics what she does with her voice and cheeks. It's too cute.

Then it was back to Charlie Brown.

He likes the puppy (Snoopy) and wanted to see more ice skating. And continued to recite, "poor Charlie Brown" until the end.

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