Monday, December 17, 2012

December 16, 2012 ~ The Last Vestiges of Babyhood

In the past month Billy has cast off his diapers, put away his crib and grown about an inch. My little baby is too big to fit into the high chair any more. So, it has been put up in the attic, gone from our kitchen. Billy sits in a big boy chair now.

We're still working on potty training, and he's in a toddler bed, but Billy is growing up. "Mommy, I big boy," he tells me.


Saturday we went shopping- unsuccessfully.

Then, at dusk we joined Miss A and a fellow Scary Mommy ( at the miracle on 34th Street. I'm not talking about the movie. If you're not from town, then please have a look at the awesomeness of the 34th Street:

the link

We walked around and looked at the lights and all things Christmas and Baltimore.

There are hub cap Christmas trees, Natty Boh can angels, crabs, Ravens, flamingos and a whole lotta 'hun'. If you don't know what I'm talking about there's only one way to find out- you have to see it for yourself.

Sunday was Santa's day.

We started out by heading to see Santa and the train displays. I have no pics of the train displays because someone had to wait in that long line. That would be me. Daddy and Billy went to look at the trains. Then Billy joined me in line while Daddy popped into the toy store.

Standing in line Billy made immediate friends with the little toddler boy behind us in line. They seem to be at the age where every toddler is automatically a friend. The little boy clearly was ill- not with a cold, but seriously ill. He had a drainage tube from his nose. But Billy didn't care and I'm so glad. Kids can be cruel to those that are different, even if the different kids are some of the most amazing people. They played while we waited for our turn to see Santa.

Then, in the middle of nap time, hours after we arrived, it was our turn. Billy clung to me in fear. I had been trying to talk up how nice Santa is, but he was still scared. The photographer was sure he was going to scream...

So, 1, 2, 3... I dropped him on Santa's lap and ran.

No screaming. No crying.

He wasn't sure about this old bearded guy sitting there in his big red chair. First photo- stunned fear. Second photo- not so sure. Third photo- dare I say it? He smiled! It wasn't a big happy, laughing grin, but he did smile. And after I picked him up he wished Santa a "Merry Christmas!"

As we walked away Billy whispered to me, "Mommy, I sat on Santa's lap. I saw Santa. I saw Santa."

Of course, I have the pics and don't have them on me so I will post them later.

Then we ran home and made it just in time to see Santa heading back to the North Pole on his red... fire truck?

Then we headed home for a post naptime nap. And yes, he went to sleep after he was supposed to be waking up. But he took a nice long nap.

Then Billy helped my make my Easy Peasy Holiday Bark. Stay tuned for the recipe and photos. (It's not finished, so you have to wait for the final result!)

Of course Daddy waited until it started raining to hang our lights on our house. In the dark. A week before Christmas. But he did. So, we went outside to watch and to see all of the luminaries lighting the way through the neighborhood, helping Santa find his way back to the North Pole to finish up all of the toys.

"Billy," I asked, "did you ask Santa for your big red race car?"

He thought about it for a moment, "NO!" he started to panic.

"Don't worry, Billy," I said. "When we saw Santa I told him you wanted that big red race car. He knows. Santa won't forget."

He wasn't sure, but I really did tell Santa for him when we were there. So, I think we're covered.

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