Tuesday, December 18, 2012

December 17, 2012 ~ Hitting the Nog

We went to buy groceries, so while picking up milk for Billy, I picked up some egg nog as a treat for myself.

Now, when I saw egg nog, I mean the pasteurized, non-alcoholic kind from the grocery store. I'm not talking about the high-test variety I made two weeks ago from scratch. Nope, just plain egg nog, no booze.

So, we got home and I asked if he'd like to try it (remember, no booze).

"Yes!" he said emphatically.

So, I poured him a small big boy glass of it. He hated it immediately.

"Mommy, I no like that."

"Okay, more for me!" and I took the cup and took a sip.

Oh, wait. Mommy likes it? Mommy wants it? Then it must be good. I must want it too. I must have it.

So I gave him the cup back. He took another tentative sip. I didn't think he was going to warm to it. It's got a lot of nutmeg in it and is very thick.

That second sip he made a yuck face, but he wanted to hang onto the cup.

By the end of dinner he had consumed most of the small amount I gave him. "Mommy, I like it." He smiled.

Well, I guess it takes some getting used to. But now he likes it. That's fine. Mommy can share. :)

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