Friday, October 19, 2012

October 18, 2012 ~ Just Like Mommy

Billy wants to be "just like Mommy".

"Billy dark pants, Mommy dark pants!" he said while I was dressing him. Yes, I had on jeans and was putting him in dark blue slacks.

"Mommy socks, Billy socks!" Yes, we were both wearing socks.

"Mommy shirt, Billy shirt!" Jeez, yes, we're both dressed already. And no, not dressed alike. That's cool and all, but not my thing.

Then he found my hair tie. And he wanted it in his hair, just like Mommy. So, I gave him a silly little ponytail.

I tried to remove it but he insisted on wearing it to school. He wanted to look "just like Mommy."

No worries. When we got to school another little boy in his class was also wearing a silly ponytail.

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