Tuesday, October 16, 2012

October 15, 2012 ~ Butter, Shadows and Dirty Words

Can you believe that I forgot to post? I thought I had posted this morning but we've been so busy with another shoot week that I forgot to post. And three funny things happened yesterday.

At dinner time Billy wanted applesauce. So I fixed him a bowl and put it in front of him. Then he asked me to put butter on his applesauce. Um, no. But he kept insisting that I put butter on his applesauce. Well, there was no way that I was going to put butter on his applesauce. So, unfortunately for Billy, he had to eat it without butter.

After dinner, we had a dance party in the living room. I broke out some old Disney anthology albums that I had purchased in the 90s back when I used to be huge into all things Disney. I thought Billy might like the music. Well, not only does he like the music he loves it. He thinks it's so funny. He loves all of the silly songs and the funny phrases from Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious (yes, it's spelled right) to Chim Chim Cheree and all kinds of music from animated to live action movies. He especially liked Heigh Ho! from Snow White. He even began singing with me. He especially liked the part where you get to sing "dig dig dig dig." Then he noticed his shadow dancing around on the wall. I waved my hand to make my own shadow move. He was thrilled and waved his hands along to the music to make his shadow dance.

And finally we went downstairs to play with all of his toys in the playroom and Billy got into some of the toys he hasn't played with in a long time. One of the toys is a laptop that looks like a panda bear. He hasn't been much of a fan of it because it's too old for him. But now he's starting to like it. He had a lot of fun playing with that little computer but the only problem was what he kept calling it. I'm not actually going to type out that dirty word here. But if you can imagine what the word would sound like minus the "mp" that's what he kept saying. The worst part was he kept calling it Mommy's [insert dirty word here]. I'm trying to teach him how to say computer correctly but so far no success. Chalk it up to another dirty word said innocently by toddler.

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