Monday, October 15, 2012

October 14, 2012 ~ Chim Chim Cheree

Poor Daddy. He's like a porcelain doll. First his bum foot- which is his own fault. Now he's throw out his back. Yup.

Well, the grass had to be mowed. It's true. And Daddy wanted to do it. Go Daddy. Usually, Daddy finished mowing the grass by strapping on the leaf blower and blowing all of the little clippings away. I was thinking this was a monumentally bad idea for someone who spent most of the day laid up.

So, I went to fetch Billy his little broom and I got my outdoor broom. We headed out to the front walk after Daddy had mowed that area. And then we started sweeping.

At first, Billy wasn't sure what to do. Sure, he knows how to swing the broom back and forth to scatter my freshly swept pile o' dirt. But what to do outside?

I showed him how to sweep the grass from the walk.

He quickly fell into step right behind me (and I mean right behind me). And he swept and swept. Then he gladly took over  managing the project by instructing me which areas still needed sweeping.

And when he was done he swung the broom over his shoulder like a chimney sweep and headed out back.

I taught him Chim Chim Cheree  and NOW he can do a little dance with him broom while singing "chim chim chim!"

Taken while watching Daddy mow

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