Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Sunday Post ~ Little Tykes Swing Review

Last year around this time I purchased the Little Tykes 2-1 Swing. Same as the one on this link:

This is, by far, one of my son's favorite toys. We have it tied into a tree in our back yard. It's a go-to toy for outside play. And this from a kid that hated his baby swing.

Here's why we love it:

~ Easy to clean: We let it live outside all summer long. Besides catching leaves on the seat it stays clean. And because it's plastic, I can just wipe it down and it's ready to go.

~ Easy to attach harness: Seriously, one of the things I hate most about all of the child safety gear are the harnesses. And kiddo doesn't like them either. Some are better than others. This one is a cinch to use and he's snugly in the swing without issue. He even helps, which is great.

~ Well made: We left it outside all spring, summer and fall and it's not discolored and the ropes are in perfect shape. After a cleaning it looked just as it did right out of the box, even after 8 months outside. That's pretty durable.

~ It's a swing...what's not to love?

Ok, seriously, here are some of the downsides:

If you leave it outside, like we do, it catches leaves and other tree debris. It also fills with rainwater to make a nice leaf soup. It can get pretty gross. It's still easy to clean, but when you head out to swing, a toddler doesn't want to wait to wash it down and let it dry. I'm going out on a limb here and say that's going to be a typical problem with a bucket seat. Also, it only comes with the swing and no other hardware for hanging it, which has led Daddy to create some interesting knot arrangements in our tree with a piece of rope. I wish it did come with a hanging pack.

Our son really loves this swing. He spent the afternoon in it, giggling on every upswing. As far as toys go, this one definitely gets a two-thumbs-way-up from me.

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