Friday, April 27, 2012

April 27, 2012 ~ Fine Dining With Baby

Grandpop took us out to a very fancy dinner tonight. No, actually fancy. Like, the waiter was wearing a tux fancy. Yeah, that fancy.

Billy decided to break out his big boy shoes today and show off. He sat well-behaved at the table (who is this kid?). He drank water from a footed glass (no, seriously...who IS this kid). And he genteely ate his tiramisu (really, Grandpop?) with a fork.

Yes, that's right. No screaming. No getting up from the table, minus a brief stretch of the legs after a 2 hour dinner. He only threw toys a few times and only raised his happy voice a few times. It was unusual.

Maybe it was the outfit. He got to wear a new shirt today. He loved it so much that he whispered "wow" over and over this morning while gently touching the new shirt. And Grandpop gushed over his new shoes. He was definitely feeling dressed up.

Nope. I'm pretty sure an aliene clone went to the restaurant with us. No other way to explain it.

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