Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Sunday Post ~ Go Crib Review

A lot of people that I know personally have been asking me about my portable crib. So, here's my product review on the Go Crib. I would like to mention that I have not been contacted by the manufacturer and am receiving no compensation for my review.

I apparently don't take photos of Billy sleeping, so this is the best I've got. Here we are at the beach with Billy asleep in the portable crib (and Uncle Alex passed out in front of it).

When Daddy bought this expensive item I said, "what the heck is that??? We don't need that! We have a Pack'n'Play!" Ok, ok... maybe Daddy is right sometimes. Just don't tell him- it might go to his head.

The first time we used it was our camping trip in western West Virginia. It was a grueling 5 hour car ride with a screaming baby (popping ears from driving over mountains=unhappy camper...teehee). We arrived after dusk and had to set up our tent and gear in the dark. Fortunately, the rest of our group was there, so at least we had a fire to see by. But we had a cranky baby ready for bed in the middle of the woods.

After Daddy got the tent set up it took only 10 minutes in the dark with first time use to get the whole thing set up and Billy into it. Getting him to sleep was a whole different matter...

A few weeks later we took it to a festival with our friends and Billy's girlfriend. He and his gf played in it and then napped together in it in the middle of the festival. The best part there was since its carrying case is a small lightweight backpack, it was no problem to lug it into the festival. And the case holds the included foot pump, so everything goes with you when you take it places to set it up easily.

In July we hauled it to Florida on an airplane for a wedding. We used it in the hotel room instead of getting a hotel provided crib. It was great. I had no trouble getting it through security and brought it with me as my carry-on. I knew it was clean and safe and he was already familiar with it.

We also took it to the farmhouse for a month and he slept in it the whole time. I only had to re-inflate it once in the whole month. He was comfortable in it the whole time. That's not to say that I could always get him to go to sleep...

We also took it with us every time we went to the beach so Billy could sleep under the umbrella. He had no trouble sleeping on the beach. And it was easy to haul. Although, I have to admit that it leaks air more now that it's been exposed to sand (won't stay inflated for more than a week now). The zip-down flap on the side also gave Billy the ability to climb in and out of it by himself. He hated the sand, but didn't mind sitting in the Go Crib, so he was in and out. It locks, so you can keep the kid in when you want, or open it up to let them have free reign.

So there it is. If you're a parent on the go, the Go Crib is awesome to own. We couldn't survive without it. Daddy and I both highly recommend it.

But where can you get it? We've only seen it available at REI and on The baby stores don't seem to carry it.

Check it out:
Go Crib on

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