Monday, March 5, 2012

Posting Postponed!

Oh the "joys" of FiOS.

We have no internet, so there will be no regular posting until FiOS can figure their out their bum from their head.

We waited 7 hours for them to show up. I confirmed with them 24 hours before they were supposed to arrive. Did they arrive? No.


The technicians called the number they were supposed to connect to see if we were home. They couldn't reach us, because the number was disconnected, so they cancelled the appointment. They were supposed to be here all day, so who knows what they decided to really do... maybe they went to the zoo to see the monkeys...

It took an hour on the phone with customer care to determine that the problem was that we weren't answering our phone that the technicians hadn't come out to connect. Really? Really.

So, they told us they would call us back sometime this week to schedule an appointment.

We're still waiting on the phone call to SCHEDULE the damn appointment.

I bet they called the number they haven't connected yet.


  1. I think I would call another provider at that point...

  2. I think I would call your buddy who works at Verizon if you really hit a wall w/ the installation schedule. If they can't get you rescheduled a I can open a service issue for you /w the business office. The tech should have called your cell phone if they had it, they may not have had it on the order.

    1. I wouldn't wait for an outbound call, I'd call again to get a new due date scheduled.

    2. they may have left you a voicemail at your old number... i'd check that too if you haven't.

    3. The old number is the new number...

      We're working on it today. If we have trouble I'll call that buddy ;-P