Friday, March 9, 2012

March 9, 2012 ~ Toy Mayhem

One of the benefits of the new house is a playroom for Billy. He's got all of his toys together in one spot. The only thing is, there's not enough toy storage. I only have the one small shelf and the basket and the tub. The result? Toy mayhem.

Daddy assembled Billy's new play table and it's the only clean thing in the room. There's toys everywhere else. Billy just walks in and stares at the mess. I've given up. I have to buy storage before I even try to clean it up.

Billy's solution?

He crawls up onto his new play table and sits there in the only clean space surveying the mass chaos from his seat on high. Toys are not welcome on his table of solace.

Yup. I better get some storage fast. I think they're breeding!

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