Tuesday, March 20, 2012

March 20, 2012 ~ Over The River And Through The Woods...

...To Grandmother's house we go!

Billy, Buddy and myself went to dinner at Grandma's today. Billy got to sit in a Big Boy Chair to eat his dinner. He shoved fistfuls of watergate salad into his mouth, spoon at the ready but left unused. He also got cut fruit, carrots, brown bread and steamed shrimp. He nommed on the shrimp but gave up. So, he decided to dip his fruit into the ketchup on his plate instead of the shrimp.

What he really wanted was more watergate and a cookie. When he didn't get what he wanted, he cautiously wandered around Grandma's and played with some of the toys there. This worked for awhile until he realized he was still hungry.

He got more watergate. He got more watergate on the table, the chair, the floor, his shirt, his pants, his arms, Mommy, Grandma... yeah. But he enjoyed it. Then came dessert.

Ooh... cherry pie. I was only going to give him a bite, but he devoured an entire piece by himself and then wanted mine too. Cherry pie might be the way to his heart. Keep that in mind for any girls that might be looking for a boyfriend in about thirty years. Maybe forty. We'll see.

Grandma sure had a huge feast set for us. Thanks Grandma! We came home full and sticky. But, I guess if you're One, you didn't really enjoy your food unless you're a complete mess and sticky from head to toe.

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