Thursday, March 22, 2012

March 22, 2012 ~ The Magic Spoon

Perhaps you didn't know, but spoons have magical powers. Not just any old spoon, though. Plastic spoons. Brightly colored ones. Don't believe me? Ask Billy.

Every morning we walk into the kitchen and he shouts, "spoo!" and runs to open the "spoo drawer". He knows. The day can't start without a Magic Spoo. Most days, he requires two or even three Magic Spoos before breakfast.

This little plastic spoons aren't just spoons. They instill courage. They give Billy the power to take on a full flight of stairs, to endure a diaper change, to (egad!) go without a binky.

And spoons are so useful, too. Not just for eating. They're great for conducting music, for testing properties of toys with holes in them, for using as a drumstick on Buddy's bum. And they deliver oh-so-yummy-yogurt right into your mouth. Seriously, magic.

Still not convinced?

These Magic Spoos have the ability to quiet a screaming, kicking I'm-Being-A-Brat-Because-I'm-One-And-That's-What-I-Do-Boy. Yes. Instant calm. All from a spoon.

Now that's Magic.

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