Friday, March 23, 2012

March 23, 2012 ~ That Bloody Sidewalk

This morning while getting in the car we saw one of our very nice neighbors walking his dogs. He has two very big dogs. He waved hello and kept on walking. Billy waved back, "hi!" It's his new word and he loves to say it when he meets people now.

So, we're standing there beside my car with Billy waving and the neighbor now down the street.

Suddenly, Billy took off down the driveway at a run. Now, our driveway is a pretty steep hill, but he had no problems handling the incline. Then he rounded the corner, still running, still no problem. Then he got to the sidewalk. You know, that nice, flat, easy to run down walkway. Ker-splat! Down he went. It was apparently so easy that it tripped him up.

I rushed over to him (actually, I had been running after him, but running down a steep incline in heels is no small feat). I scooped him up and he was bleeding from the knees. Poor guy.

Time to head to Mommy General, that oh-so-comforting medical center located conveniently in my kitchen. I sat him down in a kitchen chair so that I could get a good look at those knees in the light. He put his finger on the scrape and said weakly, "Mommy, uh-oh." I cleaned his wounds, applied the Magic Healing Stickers (band-aids) and a kiss to each knee to make it all better.

I don't think he was convinced.

The whole time in the car on the way to school he kept touching the Magic Healing Stickers and saying "uh-oh. Oh, no." I explained he had to leave the MHS alone and let them do their magic, but it was just too much for the Boy Who Didn't Cry.

But, he's all better now. And tomorrow, I've got a surprise for him. I have fancy Magic Healing Stickers that look like crayons. Ooooooooooooh.

So, just be warned. Those straight and even sideways are treacherous!

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