Tuesday, November 29, 2011

November 29, 2011 ~ Hello Yeyow

Today Billy pointed at the color yellow on a toy and said "yeyow!" I tried him with the other colors- no success yet, but yellow seems to be one of his favorite colors anyway, so I'm not surprised that it's his first color to know the name of.

This morning I woke up to the sound of the crib mobile. Now, that little wind up mobile lasts for only 2 minutes (Ok, why two minutes? Seriously? It needs to be on for 20 minutes!). Then...the sound of giggles. Ok, he's up to something. I found the mobile pulled down sideways, still attached to the crib. Hey, at least it kept him occupied. How he managed to turn the crank and get it to spin and sing I'll never know.

Tickle time! Billy wanted to Tackle and Tickle all afternoon. Mommy always covers him in kisses when he wants to Tackle and Tickle. He let out some of the best laughs and giggled all afternoon. He got piggyback rides (his new favorite) and the Mommy Monster came for a visit.

Then it was bedtime. Only, Billy decided it was time to practice death-defying feats on the high wire (aka the rolled up rug sitting in our front hall). We're still not unpacked from the move and mess is everywhere, although contained. I'm going through it but I'm also working so there's not too much time to work on stuff. Meanwhile, the very heavy large rug that will go in our bedroom is sitting in Billy's path. It's an awesome toy. It will be more awesome in the bedroom where it belongs. Anyway, Billy refused to go to bed, but instead kept running away and giggling. Yup, he stretched out bedtime by a half hour. Fortunately, he didn't fight me at all about getting in the crib- he was too tired!

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