Monday, November 28, 2011

November 27, 2011 ~ Moving Day

We moved today so I'm going to make this super short. We're still living in the same place, but we had to move all of our stuff in today. We're not done but calling quits tonight.

Anyway, Billy decided to growl today. When I play tug'o'war with Buddy I say "grr" to let him know that we are playing that game and not fetch. Buddy "grrs" back. It's not a fierce growl- just a play growl. So, Billy picked up a Buddy toy, walked over to Buddy and started "arrrrrrrrrrg". Maybe it's a pirate growl.

Billy also learned today what a fish says: glub, glub. He repeated it back to me and thought it was so funny that he continued to repeat it an laugh all day. He's very proud of knowing what a fish says.

So, the total list of words we know Billy has in his vocabulary are: Momma, Daddy, plane, cack cack (quack), glub glub, banana and a host of other words he parrots but doesn't know the meaning of.

Ok, signing off out of sheer exhaustion.

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