Wednesday, June 5, 2013

June 4, 2013 ~ Out of Control

There are days when Billy is a dream and there are days when he is not.

And when he's not, he's out of control.

Despite all of our best efforts we could not get Billy to behave at all. He refused dinner, tried to paint with his food instead of eat it, ran amok and then some. After multiple time outs he just laughed at our attempts to get him to settle down.

Daddy sent him to bed early.

But then Daddy went and mowed the grassed where he was unavailable to deal with an unruly, screaming toddler.

Billy wasn't tired and he wasn't haven't it.

I keep saying bed shouldn't be a punishment. It only makes him think sleeping is a punishment. It's not. And I don't want bedtime to be harder than it is.

I have no idea what the failure to adhere to timeouts punishment should be. I'm going to have to think up something good. Like worm soup. Just kidding. I've already tried that threat. And he challenges me right back "I want to eat it. Where's my worm soup?"

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