Tuesday, June 4, 2013

June 3, 2013 ~ First Day of Pre-School

Wait, what? He's only 2!

Yes, but he's actually 2.5 and he's in a classroom with 3.5s, so it's time for pre-school. Today was his first day.

I decided to prepare him for it by telling him he would be in a new classroom this morning before we left for school. We talked about all of the new toys and new adventures he would get to have. He seemed to like that.

I let him wear his favorite shirt to make him feel extra special. It's his favorite because it's the only one with pink on it. It's red and blue plaid, but where the red is "light" it's close to pink. Close enough, anyway.

Then we had to have the talk about toys. Every day he brings in a different toy (or five) to show his friends. Not any more. No toys. Only one stuffed animal, and it cannot rattle. Very limiting. He's not fond of the rules. But he decided on a pooh bear (one that doesn't rattle- we have those too).

And off we go!

Of course he immediately went to his old room when we got to school. I had him hand a present to each of his former teachers and they hugged him and wished him well on his first day in his new room.

Then we wandered into the new room full of bright and shiny toys to play with. Off he went to become a fireman chef and play with his friends. (He saves the world one prepared dinner at a time?) He waved goodbye and that was that.

Being the first day of pre-school Murphy's Law would dictate that I would be late picking him up. Of course. So, I didn't get to talk to his teachers about how his day went. However, he was in a completely different outfit- shoes included. His favorite pooh was missing and we had to go back to school to retrieve it. Once home I realized we were also missing all of his sippy cups and his tennis shoes.

He told me he misses his old teachers and wants to go back to his old room. I think that's to be expected. It's hard to move to a new classroom, have new teachers and new rules. But as Billy likes to tell me every day,

"Mommy, I still growing up. I not done yet."

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