Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend 2013

For the long weekend we decided to have a visit with PeePop.

Billy is now too old for a crib and able to climb out AND back in, so he is now sleeping in a big bed. Great for him, much less sleep for me.

We went there late Friday night and he stayed awake for the whole drive asking "why?" Why what is not really important, given that there were about 60 whys per hour. I think that's about his average at the moment.

Saturday we headed down to the beach to see the ocean. It was fairly cold with 30 mph winds, so there wasn't any sunbathing or swimming for us. Some people decided to brave the weather and the water in their bathing suits. Not us.

We walked the boards and checks out some of the rides. Billy got to go on the merry-go-round. This one is historic and original. He wanted to do all of the rides, but it was already nap time. He really wanted to get on the "big" rides- the fast ones for the older kids, but he has several years before he meets the height requirement on those (and before my heart and stand it).

So, we did just the one ride. He wanted to ride the dragon. Who doesn't want to ride a dragon?

And no trip to the boards is complete without a stop in a candy store. I'm pretty sure this was his favorite part of the weekend. We went in looking for a lollipop. With the lollipops were sticks with candies on it that he decided he wanted more than a lollipop. I told him they were chewy candies. "But I like chewy candy, Mommy."

Here's Billy and PeePop having a snack together on the porch.

And standing on the porch steps together.

Okay, that last one is really just for me. Here are the oldest and youngest member's of PeePop's family. Billy makes 6 generations of one family in the same house, which was built by my great-great grandfather.

You might be wondering...what's with the stick? Look closely if you didn't notice it. It's in most of the photos in this post. That would be his new favorite toy. It's a piece of fig wood he picked up at Grandma's house last week. He insists on taking it everywhere. He also uses it as a tool, like for digging in the dirt. It's a multi-purpose toy. It doesn't matter how fancy toys get... in the end the best one is a stick!

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