Friday, May 31, 2013

May 30, 2013 ~ Pre-school

Billy starts pre-school on Monday. Oh, yeah. That's right. Pre-school.

And pre-school (aka still the same daycare, but a different teacher) has a bunch of new rules. There's homework folders, take home folders, and other folders.

Wait... homework???

Yes. I now have, erm- I mean Billy- now has 1-3 homework assignments to be completed each week. We already have the first one.

I have to- I mean Billy- has to take a photo of his family, print it out, attach it to a provided quilt square and then decorate said quilt square. I'm so fortunate that my two year old can work a camera, a computer, a printer and has mad art skills and the ability to work with fabric.

I look forward to all of this homework I - I mean Billy- will be doing.

And now instead of the previously provided breakfast that has made my mornings so much easier, I will be responsible to feed him breakfast prior to school- I mean daycare- I mean school. How much am I paying them?

And new rules state there are to be no binkies and no luvies in the classroom after the first month. I guess we have to kill the binky habit pronto, huh. It's a good thing my highly advanced kid can self-soothe without a luvie or binky at the ripe old age of 2.

I'm pretty sure I slept with a luvie until at least 5 or 6. Man, was I way behind.

BUT, they also have to take turns babysitting a school-owned luvie on the weekends and writing in the journal everything that the luvie did. I'm so glad my pre-schooler is so advanced that he can "write."

This is some serious learning going on here.

Which I would be inclined to take more seriously if the welcome packet wasn't littered with spelling and grammatical errors in such high quantity that I'm pretty sure one of the advanced pre-schoolers "wrote" it.

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