Wednesday, May 29, 2013

May 28, 2013 ~ Not Sleeping

Billy is... not sleeping. It's a game. He simply refuses to go to sleep

Here are some reasons why he can't go to bed:

1.) He needs to pee

2.) He needs to pee again

3.) He's hungry

4.) It's not bedtime

5.) It's too dark

6.) It's too light

7.) One of his seven Pooh Bears is missing

8.) He doesn't like his bed

9.) Disney movies are more interesting

10.) The evil parrots will come and peck at him in the dark

And if I can manage to get him to climb into bed with the lights out, he will refuse to actually fall asleep. He'll get up and wander around the house and continue his insistence on not sleeping.

Here are some reasons why he's up and can't go back to bed:

1.) I want to sing

2.) He wants to sleep in Mommy's bed

3.) He has to pee again

4.) He wants to watch Dr. Who (true story)

5.) The (non-existent) thunder woke him up

6.) He needs a hug

7.) He needs another hug

8.) He wants to change his pants

9.) He wants his blanket. No, the other blanket. No, not that one. The other, other blanket.

10.) Because he doesn't want to

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  1. To his point... i'm sure Disney movies are more interesting