Tuesday, March 26, 2013

March 25, 2013 ~ Sledding. Finally!

Well, it finally snowed. It's Spring and we got our first significant snowfall of the year. We'd given up hope, but here it is!

Unfortunately, Billy didn't gt to enjoy too much of it. I was sure that daycare was going to be closed. The schools were. But daycare opened, so Billy went off to school and I went off to work.

After work I dressed Billy up in his winter get-up with snow pants and everything. We grabbed the toboggan and headed for the hills. This was Billy's first ever attempt to go sledding. Rain had turned some of the snow to mush and lessened the amount, but we hoped to find enough on the hills to attempt a run or two.

What luck!

Kids had turned the snow-covered hill to mostly grass with earlier sledding fun, but there was enough left to get some sledding in. I thought Billy was going to be scared. It's a big hill. But he hopped right into the sled and was ready to go. he giggled the whole way down.

We went down the hill a few more times before he informed me, "Mommy, this time I go just me." That's right. He wanted to go all by himself.

Not going to hover, not going to hover...

So I put him in the sled, gave him a push and prayed for dear life.

He giggled the whole way down. "Again, Mommy!"

Yep. Again and again he went down that big hill all by himself we me chasing the sled down the hill on foot. He didn't want to go inside, but the lack of daylight sent us in.

Here's looking forward to next winter!

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