Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Big Game Hightlights

Yep, I'm behind on posting again. Can you blame me? We've had a big weekend around here.

First, we had a birthday party on Saturday, so that took up pretty much all day.

Bring on Sunday. We had a number of friends/young parents over. Six of us were University of Delaware grads, not only rooting on the Ravens, but QB Joe Flacco who also went to our school. Go UD!

Billy was go excited to root on the Ravens. He got to stay up for the whole game, even with the additional 35 minutes lights out break in the stadium.

There were actually plenty of people at the party, but I'm only showing Billy. He and Cub played for most of the game. The funniest was them combing My Little Ponies together. Yep, that happened.

Well, yesterday was a major day of rest. He was tired. VERY tired. I mean, he stayed up until 11:30 to watch the Ravens win!

We're still in shock. And purple. But mostly shock. Did the Ravens really win the Superbowl? Why yes they did!

How, you might ask, did I get that photo? Well, my work let us have time off for us to go to the parade and rally. So, we walked the 2 miles to the stadium in the bitter cold. I didn't bring Billy. It was crowded and, well, bitter cold.

But the rest of Baltimore showed up!

Yes, that is the stadium at capacity. It was so full that the crowds on the stairs prevented us from being able to leave the bleachers until the event was over. And that was only the crowd in the stadium. The crowd along the parade route was insane. Thousands upon thousands of fans. A sea of purple and black. Actually, swarm is probably a better word than sea.

And yes, Billy is wearing his Ravens gear today. HE wouldn't have it any other way.

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