Friday, February 8, 2013

January 8, 2013 ~ Raining On Whistles

This morning Billy decided to take his two new whistles to school with him. He got them last weekend at a birthday party. Thanks Kiki! Billy often takes toys with him in the car on the way to school because, you know, that 5 minute ride is a long one.

This morning it was whistles. Very loud whistles. VERY.

It also happened to be raining outside. Not a hard pour, and not the anticipated snow. Just a cold, light rain.

Billy was walking out to the car in this cold, light rain blowing on his whistle. He shuffled along. Let's face it, he was stalling because he didn't want to go school.

Suddenly he started sobbing.

"Billy what's wrong?"

"It's wetting my whistle!" he bawled.

Yes, he really said that exact phrase.

I burst out laughing.

"But Mommy, the rain is wetting my whistle. My whistle is wet!" He cried, hurt by my sudden outburst regarding a few drops on a plastic toy.

He was distraught about that darn rain wetting his little whistle. Finally he gave up.

"Mommy, you take it. It wet. I no want it."

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