Monday, January 21, 2013

The Sunday Post ~ Real Men Wear Pink

Have you ever seen a little boy dressed in pink? Probably not.

Boys don't get to wear pink. It's off limits, too girly, a total no go. Sure, girls get to wear blue. No one complains if a little girl is dressed in blue. But a boy in pink? For shame.

What will become of that little boy if he wears pink? What if he's becomes to girly? What if he grows up with a permanent fondness for pink? Have you ever stopped to wonder about this? (Okay, probably not).

But I have. Why?

Well, Billy's favorite color is pink.

We go to the store and he wants the pink one. I have to tell him, no honey, boys don't wear pink.

Well, here I am at an impasse. Billy wants his own knitted hat. The one in the previous pictures was a gift and has gone on to its recipient. So, now he is without a knitted hat to wear. I happen to have a ton of different colored wool laying around and let him pick the color he wanted. He wanted pink.

What to do? Intervene? Tell him no? Break his heart? Or make him a pink hat...

Well, I compromised. I made him a pink hat and I am now making him a blue hat. He can wear both. And I won't tell him no to pink.


Plenty of grown men wear pink. Daddy certainly owns a number of pink shirts and ties. So does Grandpop. So, if grown men can wear pink, why not a little boy? Tell me that. The truth is that real men wear pink. And now so does Billy.

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