Tuesday, January 15, 2013

January 14, 2012 ~ In the Attic

Yesterday Daddy put the sled up in the attic.

No, we didn't have it out because of an awesome snow. We've had snow, followed by rain to wash it away. But nothing good enough for sledding.

This sled was Grandpop's sled and he doesn't need it any more since there are no hills by his house. It's an Easy Flyer sled. A new one from my youth, not his.

Well, Billy really wanted to see what was in the attic. The attic is reached by a pull down ladder (not steps) and Billy has never seen the ladder down before. (This is because he loves to climb ladders, so we only go up there after bedtime.)

Daddy promised Billy that if he asked tomorrow to see the attic that Daddy would take him up there.

Well, tomorrow came and Billy didn't forget.

He really wants to see what's up there. I told him there are spiders up there. He hates spiders.

"Mommy, I want see spiders."

Then he says, "Mommy, I want sleep in attic." Go figure on that one.

So, Daddy took him up into the scary, dark attic.

Really, it's nothing to write home about. Plywood, insulation, boxes and junk. Well, not too much junk since we moved and haven't had time to collect much yet.

He repeated, "I want sleep attic." Daddy asked, "where would you sleep?"

He thought about it, "umm"... (my toddler said "umm") "I sleep on sled." Pretty smart.

No worries, he didn't sleep in the attic. And he was disappointed not to see any spiders...this time.

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