Monday, January 14, 2013

January 13, 2012 ~ I Didn't Pee, It Wasn't Me!

We had an action-packed weekend.

We started Saturday morning with a birthday party. Billy got to stay up through his naptime so he could celebrate the birthday of his great great aunt. He was extremely well-behaved. He didn't run, he didn't shout, he didn't cause a scene. We had a fabulous time seeing the family and getting to celebrate a very special lady.

Then it was home for a VERY late nap.

After nap Billy watched the Ravens game with us.

Everyone had to watch the game, according to Billy. Except Lambie Pie. He wasn't allowed. Don't ask me. Ask the toddler.

Unfortunately, Billy was much too tired to stay up for the whole game. So, he missed that epic ending to the game.

Bring on Sunday.

We needed diapers. This meant an empty diaper box. Billy decided it was his boat in a sea of stuffed animals. Daddy decided to one-up him and build a boat. Allow me to introduce you to the USS Pampers Pizza Hut. Complete with his very own cardboard sword. Don't ask me. Ask Daddy.

Here's another funny pic in the kitchen from Sunday.

Billy talked Daddy into posing with him. When I asked Billy what they were doing, he replied, "we're cookie monster ballerinas!"

So for dinner Daddy made homemade tikki masala and we all sat down to the table together. Normally, Billy eats before us, so we don't all sit down as a family. As we were sitting there Daddy accidentally knocked his drink over in Billy's direction and the liquid ran into his lap.

He started screaming. I grabbed him and ran into the bathroom to strip off his clothes. He was bawling. "I didn't pee! I didn't pee!" I couldn't console him. Earlier he got in trouble for peeing his pants, and even though he didn't pee, he was sure he was in trouble again. But he wasn't.

He calmed a little and I took him into his bedroom to put on dry clothes. "I was just eating dinner," he sniffled. He repeated that over and over.

He didn't understand and when I brought him back into the kitchen he apologized to Daddy for the mess. Daddy apologized right back to him since it was Daddy's fault.

And then he ate two bowls of tikki masala and everything was better.

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