Tuesday, November 20, 2012

November 19, 2012 ~ Said Red Car

Leave it to Tuesday Morning to have a Billy-sized red Mercedes convertible.

We walked into the store, and even though it was way down an aisle, he zeroed in on it immediately.

"Mommy, have it?"

So, I'm looking at this car sitting there out for display but partially up out of his reach. It's a power wheels style ride on/in vehicle for a small person. Bright red. Chrome details. Looks like a very flashy, very expensive convertible. And yes, it has a little engine in it. Not Fred Flintstone style power, but the real deal.

"Mommy, have it?"

It's got the Mercedes brand logo all over the damn thing. And he wants it. And it's expensive.

"Why don't we ask Santa Claus to bring it to you for Christmas?" I'm thinking, well, I could get it later, or maybe he will forget about it by Christmas and then I won't have this ginormous expensive car in my house...


"No, we have to go see Santa Claus?"

"Mommy, buy it?" Really? Did my two year old ask me to buy him a car?

"We have to wait to go see Santa Claus".

[Insert epic meltdown over said red car]

"Let's ask Santa Claus when we see him."

Eventually, he agrees to this plan, reluctantly, and not happily.

But then we exit the store. "Mommy, have it! Mommy, buy it! Isha MY red car!!!"

Oh, dear God. Really? The whole ride home I got to hear about how mean I was for not buying him the red car. I'm debating whether Santa would put him on the Naughty list for that...

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