Monday, November 19, 2012

November 18, 2012 ~ My Little Equestrian

Okay, so I forgot to do the Sunday Post this week. I could try to whip something together, but... oh well, you'll live.

Well, this weekend began with a pony party. Yup. A bonafide party at a farm with horses and a pony and a donkey. What more could you ask for?

(Well, it was in the middle of nap time, but other kids can't plan their parties around our nap time).

I told Billy all about it and he was SO excited. "Horsey Rides!" However, I think he was thinking we were going to the fair to ride the Merry-Go-Round. When we arrived at the farm full of real horses, he wouldn't let go of my hand.

I put him in line to ride anyway. At first, Billy wasn't so sure about riding a horse. There were two big horses for him to ride on, one white, one brown. He had to put on a helmet and stand in line behind all of the other kids.

Most of the other kids were older, since it was a party for an awesome girl who hit the big 8 this year. Happy Birthday!

Billy got up on the horse and took his turn, with me walking beside him. He was nervous, I could tell. I asked, "Do you want to go again?" A very strong "no."

So we walked around. There were swings and a bonfire and pens with other horses and the pen with the "minis". So we went over to check out the minis. That would be the pony Sassy and the donkey Norman.

Norman the Donkey looked hungry. So I pulled a blade of grass and offered for Billy to feed it to Norman. Nope. Too afraid. That's okay. I fed Norman. Norman greedily asked for more grass. So I got him more. And then some more. Okay, now Billy was ready to try. But then he changed his mind and had me feed Norman Billy's blade of grass.

I said to Billy, "What does a donkey say?"

He knows this one but wasn't sure.

"Hee-haw!" I said.

Just then Norman let out a loud "HEEEEEEEEEE-HAWWWWWWWWW!!!!!"

Yeah, okay Norman. You can say it better than I can.

Then we went to check out Sassy the Pony. Rule of Thumb- ponies bite. So, we didn't get too close. My aunt put it best last night about the family pony of long ago. She said, "They had him neutered and then he spent the rest of his life being pissed about it."

Well, after we had cake and a pinata (Billy had the program this time. He didn't know what to do at his own party, but I totally got it this time). Then it was time to meet and greet the minis.

The kids got to feed carrots to Norman and Sassy. And pet them. And decorate them with ribbons and plastic hair bows. Oh yeah, and let's not forget the bucket 'o' glitter. Look in the picture of Norman...see the green? That's glitter in his fur. (hair? what do you call donkey fur?)

Turns out, Norman and Sassy are both very friendly and don't bite. I'd put extremely patient in there too, with a ton of kids around pasting them with bows and glitter.

Billy then wanted to go sit by the bonfire. He had found a walking stick and carried it around all day.

So then it was time for more horse rides. And this time they brought out Sassy for rides too. She's not used to riding as much, but they brought her out. Billy declared that Sassy was his and insisted on a ride. Then another. He even cut the line when I turned for a moment and tried to hop on using the steps all by himself. He's got the horse bug. Uh oh!

Billy on a pony

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