Saturday, August 18, 2012

The Sunday Post ~ Little Tykes Spiralin' Seas Water Park Review

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If you don't know much about water tables, they are a great way to keep your kid entertained in the hot months without the effort of going to the swimming pool. There's a huge selection out there, from the most basic to ones shaped like pirate ships. We opted to buy the Spiralin' Seas Water Park.

I'll admit that I partially chose this particular table because it was on sale at the time that I wanted to buy one. But, we've been extremely happy with it.

This table comes with four activities, plus water- which is enough to occupy a toddler for an hour by itself (and make the mess to prove it). It has the large spiral tube, a "merry go round", a funnel with cogs and a spinner. It also comes with 5 balls (to throw into the spiral tube or to put on the merry go round) and a cup with a handle to pour water down the funnel.

First, it is a table on the smaller side, which I consider a bonus because it only takes a few minutes to fill it with a garden hose and doesn't waste too much water. There's not a whole lot of waiting around to start playing.

Next, only three of the activities are fun. The spiral piece, which is intended to create a current in the table, it practically useless. But the other activities are interesting and fun.

I will say that this table requires having plenty of bath toys or water toys on hand to use in it. I keep a box of bath toys ready for water table play. The five balls and one cup are not enough to keep my little one occupied for long. But the table creates the perfect base for play, with added smaller toys to round out the experience.

It's also easy to drain.

On the minus side, it was difficult to assemble the tube and the tube has proven difficult to clean. I find leaving the table upright out in the rain and sun the best method to keep the tube mold free. And we did get mold in it at one point, so be prepared to encounter that. It is, after all, a water table.

All in all, this is a good buy and totally worth it.

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