Monday, August 20, 2012

August 19, 2012 ~ Flower Child in Big Boy Pants


It was chilly, but after a long nap I took Billy outside to have some italian ice. It's been awhile since he's had any and he had totally forgotten about it. Just to make things easy I called it "ice cream" (close enough!) He pronounced it "I geam".

But soon enough, the ice started to melt and was dripping everywhere. I snatched it up and whisked it away to the freezer. This prompted a head banging on the floor feet kicking screaming at the top of his lungs tantrum.

Briefly I thought, "you scream, I scream... we all scream for ice cream?" (inward chuckles in the middle of a tantrum).

Okay, this requires breaking out the big guns. How to end the screaming for ice cream tantrum? Distraction!

"Want to go look at the flowers out front?"

Who? What? Flowers? Flowers! Out front? Out front! Walk! Woohoo! (I'm pretty sure this was the thought process).

So we headed out front to check out the only flowers still doing well in my gardens thanks to those damn slugs. Yes. Damn. Slugs.

He loves the bright pink flowers out front. They were mislabeled "impatiens" so I have no idea what they are other than healthy. And he loves them. He immediately picked one. "Ear?" (asking me to put it behind his ear). Then another and another. Mommy needs flowers behind her ears too, apparently. So, we both had a flower behind each ear.

And this brings us to the point where he wanted to go to the playground. So, prettied up with our flowers, we headed over to the pirate ship to play on the slide and gang plank. (amazingly, no swings!) I'm sure we were quite the pair with our flowers.

When we got back home it was time for dinner and Billy wanted to wear some of his new clothes (tax free shopping week!). He wanted to wear his new underwear- on his head.

Excellent choice, but he ended up with it on his butt where it belongs- sans diaper. He walked around all evening after dinner with just underpants and no diaper AND... no mess! Now, he didn't use the potty, but he didn't mess either. Woohoo!

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