Wednesday, August 22, 2012

August 11, 2012 ~ I Want It I Don't Want It

Billy has a new tantrum. I want it, I don't want it. It goes like this:

I hand him a plate of awfuls (waffles). He takes a few bites.

"Mommy, I don't want it." So I take the plate away.

"Mommy, I want it." So I bring the plate back.

Picking up in whiny-ness, "I don't want it."

And back and forth.

Works with toys too. He has it, he doesn't want it. He can't just sit it down, he has to whine and make me take it from him, only to realize he wants it back, but doesn't really want it back.

I asked around the mommy bloggers and it's official. He's tired. So, even though he barely touched his dinner (I don't want it!) I packed him off to bed early. I got no complaints for the lil guy department. But, I also told him that Puppy Dog and Toby Dog were tired and needed a nap and he had to show them how to nap. So he tucked them into his crib, each with a MeMe and then cuddled up and fell fast asleep.

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