Friday, August 17, 2012

August 16, 2012 ~ Up the Down

And the latest fad? The Slide.

Yes. For months he's been telling me, "it's dirty." Not anymore. I hosed it down and dragged it out in the sun and away from the trees where the birds dive-bomb the thing. Nope. Clean. And now the toy du jour.

There we are eating dinner and he says to me, "Mommy, slide? Push!"

This is not him asking me to push him down the slide. This is him asking me to watch him push his toy trucks down the slide. That's right. The toys go down the slide. Then Billy. Rinse. Repeat. I don't play fetch. He has to go get the toys after they careen to the bottom and bring them to me to hold until he climbs to the top again.

Today, the mosquitoes got after me so I had to head for the porch to save my skin. Billy wanted to keep playing, though. And he thought I wasn't watching.

So, he took the opportunity unsupervised (I was right there watching) to try to climb up the slide. To "go up the down." First attempt- no success. He failed midway up and came careening down. No big deal. Try again. Second attempt- score! That called for sliding back down to try it again!

I wonder what else he gets into when I'm not watching...

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