Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Sunday Post ~ Evenflo Jungle Exersaucer Review

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We tried our little one in multiple exersaucers, but this was by far the best. It was a gift to us from and came recommended to us by a grandmother of 8, with pre-existing knowledge of how awesome this particular product is.

At the crawling stage, the better the baby-containment device (BCD), the happier the parents will be. This particular item excelled as a BCD. It could keep him happy and playing for up to an hour, giving me a much needed break to eat, clean, sit down. Just remember to never leave them alone in the exersaucer.

I found the perfect spot in my house between the kitchen and den where I could see him from both rooms at all times and with a clear view from the bathroom. This gave me the flexibility to keep him happy while I moved between the three rooms. He could always see me too, so I could provide encouragement and support.

It sings a variety of songs, none of which I got too bored with. However, the singing chameleon is too sensitive, and goes off with the slightest vibration, even from a passing truck outside, so we often kept that piece of it turned off.

I also found that, while nice that it converts for a small baby with a mat and to a toddler with a play table, that my child wasn't a fan of either the mat or table. He loved it in saucer form, and will still play in it at times as a saucer, but wasn't a huge fan of the other set-ups.

All in all, I would definitely recommend this over other saucers.

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