Monday, July 23, 2012

July 22, 2012 ~ Pictures and Scary Swings

I had to write a short note on the computer and Billy joined me in the office to help. Normally, Daddy is on the computer and has his desktop open. But my desktop has rotating pictures of little Billy on it. Not Billy now. Little Billy.

"Look, Mommy. Girl!" He says girl like "gah-urrrrrl."

"Nope. That's you. That's baby Billy."

He didn't believe me. So I pointed out some of his toys in the background. Oh wait, now it's sinking in.


So I flipped through pictures of last year, pointing out pictures with the people he knows best and his favorite fuzzy friend. This was a real big thrill. "Mommy!" "Daddy!" "Budbud!" "Poppop!" "Gmama!"

Then I showed him a picture from way back when, tiny little thing all swaddled and sleeping with a binky in his mouth.

"Hey! My meme!"

Then he looked up at me and said, "more meme?"

So we flipped through the photos looking for pictures of binkies. Yep. Of all of the photos, the ones he really wanted to see were the ones with the memes. (pronounced me-me. his name, not mine).


After pictures we went outside to play. He decided he wanted to try out his swing again. I've been trying to get him in that swing since May. But it's either "dirty" or "spider" and he refuses to get in, thinking it's either really dirty or full of spiders. Today, though, he didn't care about the dirt on the seat and wanted in. Okay, here we go!

I gave him a few pushes. "More?" he asked.

So, I pulled the swing up way high and released it. He got this sudden look of terror on his face as the swing swung away from me.

"Is it scary?" I asked, concerned.

He nodded. Then he said, "More? More scary?" (he pronounces 'scary' as 'gary').

So he got another big push. He started laughing.

"Scary, Mommy! More!"

That's right. It was scary. It was fun. He wanted more. He swung until I was too tired to push the swing any more. (About an hour).

"Scary, Mommy. Again!"

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