Tuesday, July 24, 2012

July 23, 2012 ~ Pillow Thief!

On his way to bed Billy wanted to cuddle in our big bed first. Okay, I figure. I don't mind. We did storytime but he wanted cuddles. Billy never wants to cuddle, so this is a bonus for me. Woohoo!

So we cuddle and he insists on using the pillow I have designated as "his". It's not his. It's mine. But it's the flattest pillow on the bed, pretty much flattened to a pulp, and so best suited for a tiny person to use. I always put it in a bright green pillow case, which doesn't remotely match our sheets, but it identifies the ancient squished pillow from the nicer ones.

 Well, when he was done cuddling, he wanted "his" pillow to go to bed with him. He insisted. He refused to sleep without. He went into tantrum mode. Okay, okay... you can have the pillow.

So, I went in to check on him an hour after he went to bed (to steal the pillow back) and he was sound asleep on the pillow. I checked back in later. Still using the pillow. There was no hope.

This morning my pillow was still hanging out in the crib.


On another note, Billy would like to wish his favorite Godparents a very happy anniversary.

Billy, 2011, on his way to his Godparents wedding.

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  1. We're greatful that our godson could share in our special day... and that he could loan us his mommy!
    -Susan Lenning (not sure how to fix it to stop saying Susan Carr as the author)