Thursday, April 12, 2012

April 12, 2012 ~ Budball: the newest, hottest game... Coooooool!

Billy and Buddy have invented a new game, sure to be a smash hit (to them)!

~ Two teams and one ref. One team is comprised of a toddler. The other team is of the canine persuasion.
~ Two tennis balls
~ An obstacle course, and if you don't have on in your house, then a room like an obstacle course, with say... a sofa and toys everywhere

How It Works:
The ref randomly throws both balls up into the air and out towards the obstacle course. The two teams chase after the balls. Once a team gets a ball, they may chase after the second ball. A team can steal an already caught ball from the other team. If one team doesn't have a ball and becomes sad about it, the other team must automatically give up a ball. Once the balls are caught and the chasing ends, the balls are returned to the ref to begin a new round. Sometimes, the ref needs to chase down one or both teams to retrieve the balls.

The result of this game is a hilarity of flying fur, bouncing balls and a giggling Billy.

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