Wednesday, April 11, 2012

April 10, 2012 ~ Watching the News

Today Billy wanted to color so he was sitting at the coffee table with his crayons (crow-yos). On the news they were talking about the issues in Syria and Turkey. Images of tanks on dusty terrain came up. He jumped up and ran over to the tv, "beepbeep! beepbeep!" But then they suddenly showed images of men shooting off guns.

"No. No. Billy. Uh, oh. No. No." I said to him.

He came over and sat down at the coffee table and watched intently. It seemed he realized the gravity of what he was watching. "No, no," he whispered to himself.

Then they showed a photo of the leader of Syria and began talking about his negative points regarding the ongoing strife in the region.

"That is a naughty man. No, no. Ok?"

"Mommy. No, no."

Then there were more war images and he continued to rant, "no, no!"

(Score 1 for the mom team. We're working on the violence=bad thing. It's a little to hard to explain to a toddler the economic, social and political motivations to war. But at least he now believes violence is a real "no, no!")

Next the news started talking about the East Coast wild fires.

"Oooh.... hot!" he yelled at the tv.

"Uh, oh. Hot! No, no." I said.

"Hot! No, no, " he repeated.

Then he got really emphatic with each new image of the fires. "Mommy, no, no!" his voice cracking a little.

"Ooooh! Beepbeep!" Yeah ok, on to the pictures of fire trucks. All things with wheels are beepbeeps, and all beepbeeps are cool.

Then a commercial came on.

"Mommy, hot!"

"No. Not hot." I don't remember what it was for. Could have been denture paste or toilet bowl cleaner. Something mundane, anyway.

"Mommy, hot! Coooooooooooooooooool." He said it with swagger.

Look out folks. We're in trouble now.

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  1. haha! Very cute!

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