Monday, November 4, 2013

SMN Thanksgiving Project - Please Help

So, I follow a couple of other blogs. Maybe you've heard of this one particular blog: Scary Mommy.

Well, she has a charity. Her charity provides Thanksgiving meals to families that otherwise can't afford to feed their families. Can you imagine not being able to feed your kids? Can you imagine being hungry on Thanksgiving?

If you've got a few spare dollars in your pocket, there are currently 240 families waitlisted for help.

Hunger is a real problem, and it's not just a problem for far away African children. There are children starving right here in our own backyards. Please help.


When I was in Ireland, I had the opportunity to walk through the western countryside. It's a bucolic setting. But between those rolling green hills are dilapidated houses, petrified potato ridges, and marks of where the Great Potato Famine decimated the Irish population. I stood in a house, roof gone, overgrown with weeds, where a whole family starved to death together. I stood by a lake where an entire village drowned in a flood, too weak from hunger to escape the rising waters in a storm.

Hunger in America isn't like that. There are no monuments to the fallen from hunger. There aren't gaunt eyes of round-bellied children for a camera op. No, it's families struggling, too proud to tell their friends and families and coworkers, but desperate enough to ask for help so they don't have to watch their kids go hungry.

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