Tuesday, November 5, 2013

November 5, 2013 ~ Star Student

This week Billy is the Star Student in his class. This is a thing they do in his preschool. He has to provide a "gift" to each of his classmates. (Really? Because we all need 18 little toys throughout the school year plus the added expense.) The also have to answer questions, color signs and print out photos.

Let me rephrase that... "I" have to buy toys for his class, write out his answers after forcing him to somehow answer 20 questions, bribe him to color the signs and then print and cut out photos for him. Thanks, Teach!

First up, the "gift". Now, he came home from school last week with a pencil. But the week before he came home with a Hot Wheel. I prattled off a list of cheap items- pencils, temp tattoos, stickers... Nope. He wanted to get his friends Hot Wheels.

The only problem with this was when I came home from the store with 4 packs of Hot Wheels he suddenly didn't want to give them over to his friends. He wanted to keep them all. Can you blame him?

Then there's the questionaire. What's your favorite movie, what are your hobbies, where do you like to travel, what do you want to be when you grow up? Those are some big questions for a 3 year old. The answers? Beauty and the Beast, camping and watching movies, Rushmore, and a butterfly. There were actually twenty questions, but you get the idea.

And he had to "write" the answer on a piece of paper and then decorate it. Really? He can't write. And the decorating? Who's really going to do that?

Bring on the pictures. This isn't like the old days of flipping through booklets of photos. Nope. Everything is digital these days. And because it's digital I have a LOT of photos. 3000 from 2013 alone. That's a lot of sifting. I opted instead to open Facebook and scroll through my big album, which has only 200 photos instead of 3000.

Here are some of his selections of photos he wanted to share with his friends:

He also included two photos of him with Santa, but I don't have them here. And I realize that he didn't include photos with some of his favorite people, but he was digging through a facebook album looking at random photos. He did not want to include any pictures of the beach, Disneyworld or his guitar. Go figure.

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