Monday, July 1, 2013

June 30, 2013 ~ The Special Stick

You would think with all of the wonderful toys out there that Billy would prefer one of those. Nope. He wants a stick.

Not just any stick.

This stick is a piece of driftwood he found along the river. It's his special stick. (Yes, yes. Laugh now. Minds out of the gutter, folks.)

Billy was playing with 3 other boys of varying ages and insisted on carrying his Stick with him everywhere they went. Swimming? Had to bring Stick. Fishing? He used it as his fishing pole- and didn't catch anything. Playing around the house? You betcha that Stick was there. Eating? Stick was nearby.

2 days. 1 Stick.

And so as the boys were getting ready to leave, the dad was cleaning and chucked Stick into the river. Oh. My. God. In slow motion the adults in the know screamed "Nooooo!" There went Stick floating down the river.

This required a Stick rescue effort. Spotters on shore watching Stick drift away. (Did you know driftwood drifts slower than new wood?) The dad down on the dock prepping himself for a Stick retrieval. Luckily, Stick was saved from the perils of the lazy river and was completely fine except for getting wet.

When the boys left it was time for Billy to head off for a nap. On the way down the hallway he was swinging Stick and...


Oh. My. God. A broken Stick! All that for a rescue only to have Stick perish in a hallway??? We had to whisk Stick off to the the Emergency Room of Wood Repair (aka the kitchen) and surgically reattach the broken end. It's only temporary, though. Stick will require another surgery to permanently reattach his severed limb.

We'll keep you updated on Stick's progress.

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