Wednesday, June 19, 2013

So Annoyed...

I've been publishing from my phone, but my phone apparently tells me it's sending then doesn't bother to send... so there's a week of posts missing that I can't get off my phone. And like hell I'm going to retype everything.

1.) Happy Birthday, Grandma!

2.) Silly glasses... trying on pairs to find a new pair at the store...

He was in such a bad mood that he started screaming about the kids glasses. He DIDN'T want the blue Spiderman glasses that I bought him. Nope. He asked me to give them to other people, stomp on them, throw them in the parking lot...whatever. But when we got home he was so proud of them that he wore them through dinner and then went to bed with them on. He loves them now.

3.) Happy Father's Day to Daddy:
I asked Billy what he wanted to get Daddy for Father's Day (this is what Billy thought Daddy wanted, not what Daddy asked for...) Billy replied, "a ship of hot blondes."

We actually got him vegetables for his garden.

4.) Billy has had the stomach flu plus a fever for a few days. He was home. I was home. He was a cranky pants and spent most of the time laying on the sofa begging for cuddles and watching every Disney movie we own.

He's back at daycare now that the fever has passed. He's still a cranky pants, but I think that's more from wanting me to stay home with him than from him actually being ill.

And no more mobile posts!

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