Monday, April 8, 2013

The Sunday Post ~ How to Camp With a Baby/Toddler Part 2

 Awhile back I wrote a quick summary of how to camp with a baby/toddler.

How to Camp With a Baby/Toddler

But what I didn't include was an actual list of things to bring. Since camping season is just about to start, here is the list that I use to pack for camping. This is just stuff for baby/toddler to be included with regular camping gear

Avoid milk. If you have to, get some individual milks. I usually take juice boxes too. I avoid sippys if I can. Camping stores sell scrubby brushes with soap built into them, but it requires potable water to wash with. I usually pack 2 per day (per kid) and bring home the gross ones to run through the dishwasher instead of cleaning on site.

Baby list:
# of diapers he uses per day + four extra per day
box of wipes (yes, a whole box)
a sheet saver to use as a changing pad
2 cloth diapers for whatever small person bodily fluid emergency
diaper rash ointment
wide-brimmed hat
fever medication (just in case)
any regular medication that baby/toddler takes
baby lotion
baby allergy medication
3 outfits per day
coat or sweater that is comfortable to sleep in
1 sleep outfit per night with long pants
2 summer blankets
1 heavy baby blanket
2 sheets for baby sleeping arrangement
baby pillow (if he/she uses one)
White noise machine
2-4 favorite luvies for crib
2 pairs of shoes
3 pairs of socks per day
3 baby bowls
6 baby spoons
2 sippy cups per day
1 plastic bib
baby shampoo
1 bath towel
3 wash clothes
2 swimsuits/swim shirts
1 bag of books (5-8) for bedtime or quiet time.
1 large bag of random toys
1 small bag of toys for car ride that he doesn't get outside of car
1 large blanket to play on
crib/pack'n'play (for sleeping and play
shade (either a shade tent or a tarp with rope to hang up. good to keep both sun and rain off)
stroller- bring one with a feeding tray if still an infant.

Food for baby/toddler:
animal crackers in gladware
cheerios in gladware
fruit loops in gladware
pb&js for lunch
yogurt bites (instead of yogurt)
arrowroot cookies (good for unhappy bellys) (gerber makes them)
precut cheese
juice boxes
already cooked peas (serve cold)
baby carrots
anything for you guys that they can eat too

If there is a swimming area:
1 bag of water toys/beach toys
1 swim towel
1 pair of sandals or water shoes
swim diapers

Bring a ball. A big ball. Glowsticks are awesome. Flashlights are fun. Make games out of what's there, like picking up sticks.

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