Monday, April 8, 2013

April 6, 2013 ~ Billy's First Circus

Do you know how expensive the circus is these days? Wow. We were going to take Billy, but between the shows all being at naptime/bedtime and the cost we decided to wait until next year. Then I got free tickets. Who can pass up free tickets? (Clearly not me).

We had a birthday party at lunchtime, so Billy went no nap on his way to the circus.

Here we are at the circus. In this photo you can see Billy's head, elephants and acrobats hanging from the ceiling.

Here's Billy in his seat:

If you ask him what his favorite part was he will tell you the elephants. Ok, elephants are really cool, especially elephants that do tricks.

(On a side note, I was not so happy to see the trainers using bull hooks and hitting the elephants. I had hoped the circus had evolved some. If you don't know what I'm referring to, read Water For Elephants.)

We got to see a very angry tiger almost eat her trainer. Yeah, that happened. My coworker speculates (he was there) that it may have been part of the act. Could be. But the other big cats in the ring were under control. Just not this one very angry Tiger.

I think one of Billy's favorite parts of the whole experience was sitting in a theater seat. They don't stay down unless you're sitting on them, and at a toddler weight, they don't stay down unless you're sitting on the very end of the seat. He found this fascinating and ended up sitting in my lap the whole time between wanting to push the seat up and down from my seat and because he couldn't see when it would squish him.

Despite going no nap he stayed up for the whole show and was so excited to see everything. He really liked the animals. There should have been more animal acts. He liked the 8 motorcycles in the cage of death and some parts with the clowns. Let's not forget the dragon at the end.

And I can assure, after all of that activity, he was passed out before our car ever left the parking garage on the way home.

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