Tuesday, April 2, 2013

How I Explained Easter to a Two Year Old

Easter is a tough concept to grasp.

You've got this guy. He lived a long time ago. But he lives perpetually. On Good Friday he dies. Then on Easter he rises into Heaven to go hang out with God, the Holy Ghost and all of the angels and Saints.

Some of my more tongue-in-cheek friends refer to it as Zombie Jesus Day.

But how to explain it to someone that has no concept of religion?

Here's my version of the story (for toddlers):

There's a guy named Jesus. He has a house. We call it Church. Church is Jesus' house. Jesus has a big booboo. He's really sick. So we're all going to pray really hard for him. And if we pray hard enough he'll be all better and we'll all start singing.

Well, that was the best I could do.

How would you explain this particular religious mystery to a toddler?

P.S. I left out the reference to Ishtar and fertility rites and other sources of Easter traditions. Probably not that best topic for a two year old.

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