Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter 2013

Well, I need to pull photos off of my camera, but for now I will share photos from my phone.

Here's Billy with his basket, already emptied of contents. He was so thrilled that the Easter Bunny hopped on by. He got chocolate, play doh, bubbles, chalk, a chicken that poops jelly beans (because we all need that), a stuffed bunny and a toddler Bible. I think he liked the Bible the best. He read it before getting into the rest of the basket- candy included.

The funny thing is that I don't talk about religion very often. Billy saw the toddler Bible in the store and wanted it. He picked it up. But, he seems to like religion a lot. So, the Easter Bunny got him the Bible. It's got colorful cartoons of some of the popular Bible stories and short versions of them told in a way that kids understand.

After opening the basket it was off to the shore for the family egg hunt.

It was very cold and drizzly out. But all of the cousins had fun hunting. Billy took awhile to warm up to all of these cousins. So many so close to his age. We visited with a small number from that branch- 40 or so- for brunch.

Then afterward we went over to my aunt's house for the bunny bash. That would be literally bashing a chocolate bunny with crab mallets. Billy had a fabulous time with this other group of cousins too.

He went no nap and up early and made it the whole day without getting cranky until the very end when we were back home. He had a wonderful Easter, overloaded with candy and cake and cousins. That's the best kind.

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