Tuesday, March 5, 2013

March 4, 2013 ~ I Grew Up

Having not seen me for 3 days all Billy wanted to do was cuddle (in front of the Cats Movie, Mommy! ~ that would be the AristoCats).

He informed me, "I grew up." I laughed, to which he replied, "Now I done can use shape knife."

"Nope, not that grown up yet."

He waited awhile and decided, "I grew up. I climb up attic ladder."

Nope. Still not that grown up.

But the best part was Daddy in the shower. Billy could hear a loud bang in the shower. "What's that?"

"Daddy dropped the soap, probably."

"Oh. Daddy in shower. Daddy drop soap. Uh, oh. Daddy need time out. Nope. Daddy got booboo. Soap gave Daddy booboo. Daddy need yellow band-aid. I get Daddy yellow bandaid. I make Daddy better."

I assure you that Daddy didn't need a bandaid, but sure was confused when he walked into the room and Billy informed him that he was getting Daddy a yellow bandaid for his booboo.

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