Wednesday, February 20, 2013

February 18, 2013 ~ Alligator Dinosaur

Alligator alligator alligator,
Dinosaur dinosaur dinosaur,
Beaver beaver beaver,

Sounds like and odd trip to the zoo, right? Nope.

It a mantra we sing at least twice daily in our house, otherwise known as, "how the hell do we get this kid interested in brushing his teeth?!?"

Alligator = bottom teeth
Dinosaur = top teeth
Beaver = front teeth
Camel = tongue

Yeah, okay, Daddy thought up this game and it was Daddy that came up with "camel". Probably not the first animal that comes to mind with a tongue (I would have gone with lizard) but that's what Daddy picked.

Morning and night we play this game. I shout out one of the above words and Billy has to open his mouth the correct way for me to brush those teeth as quickly as he can. I don't ever call them in the same order and I call all of them more than once.

So far, so good. Who doesn't like playing games while brushing teeth?

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